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Energy is Everything and...

I love Einstein for the greatness of wisdom he had to offer to the world, and above is one of many favorite quotes of his that I put om my all-time favorite depiction of him.

Here is an original photo and quote that resonates with me regarding the energy we project into the world, which is frequently reflected back to us.

I recall this image vividly - it appeared as if the city had come to a standstill for a brief moment. The tranquility of the night reflected like a mirror on the water. The mesmerizing beauty of the calmness brings to mind the inner peace that I am always seeking.

It is the kind of peace I want reflected back to me. At times, we need a harsh reminder to reflect on the energy we are projecting into the world, as what we emit will eventually return to us. If we are dissatisfied with what we receive, we must introspect.

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