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Words matter...

Develop the habit of speaking respectfully to everyone, including yourself...

The words we use and listen to have the power to either strengthen or weaken relationships of any nature. Misunderstandings frequently arise from words, and while we may hear things we'd rather not, sometimes it's necessary. The honesty in our deeds can be painful, yet crucial for personal development. I recently encountered the significance of this truth. A misinterpretation of a statement led to a defensive reaction with hurtful words, triggering further hurtful words and actions in return. I had to remind myself that I know the truth of my being, so any words were just that - someone else's words. Avoid allowing the influence of words to create unnecessary distress in your mind. I did have to ponder the situation and do some true self-reflection regarding the manner in which I communicate my words, to ensure that they are mindful, considerate, and meaningful.

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